We help local small businesses become Online Influencers

  • Interview customers and create authentic, watchable video testimonials.
  • Use social proof to validate your business for new customers.
  • Communicate instant trust with testimonial videos.
  • Become an online influencer in your community.
  • Discover how to put your social media strategy on AUTOMATIC.

Gather video testimonials from your point-of-sale with existing customers and share your video online with people browsing your website or social media.

Doctors and small business owners do their best work… at work.

Gather that customer experience on video to market your business.

Social media videos are an inexpensive way to advertise.

Video testimonials can be quickly gathered with our FREE app.

Video is the future – today, your competition is swimming in a ‘red ocean’ of Google and Yelp Reviews.

Although your patients and customers have the best intentions, they may forget to post a Google or Yelp Review once they leave your office.

Now, you can capture your customers’ live video testimonial at the point-of-sale.

Get ahead of your competition with WOW Promoter video testimonials.

WOW Promoter is fully HIPAA compliant. your security and privacy is assured.

WOW Promoter gives you the ability to preview your customers’ video testimonials.

The new voice-to-text technology automatically posts to Google Reviews with just 5 clicks.

Easy. Inexpensive. And highly effective. That’s WOW Promoter.

Grow Your Business...Acquire New Customers...

Gather Great Google Reviews with the Voice-to-Text feature

WOW Promoter will help your business acquire new customers who read Google Reviews from current customers, develop trust, and gain confidence in the skills and services you provide.

Build more trust.

Make more sales!

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