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  • You’ll learn how to use social proof online using your current customers’ testimonials.
  • You’ll learn how to communicate instant trust in videos and photos.
  • You’ll develop your online personality, optimized for social media.
  • You’ll discover how to put your social media strategy on AUTOMATIC.
"I'm loving my new eye glasses. Alex was awesome!"
"Cappuccino and dessert from Sweet Jane's. I'm in love!"
"Helpful Hand Nursing provides me with the help my wife needs to heal."


Nothing better promotes the services you provide than the happiness expressed by your BEST customers. Especially when they can do so in their own words. That’s the secret behind Wow Promoter.

You’ve seen the power of ‘social proof’ – text and video reviews on social media. The challenge is, although your customers have the best intentions, may will forget to post a review once they leave your business and get on with their day.

Now, you can capture your customers’ live testimonials when they are most likely to give them—before they leave your business.

WOW Promoter Rocks!

WOW Promoter gives you the ability to preview your customers’ video testimonials. The new voice-to-text technology automatically posts to Google Reviews with just 5 clicks. Easy. Inexpensive. And highly effective. That’s WOW Promoter.

WOW Promoter is great for:

Grow Your Business...Acquire New Customers...

CAPTURE Great Reviews

WOW Promoter will help your business acquire new customers who read Google reviews from current customers, develop trust, and gain confidence in the skills and services you provide. Build more trust. Make more sales!

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Video testimonials for physicians and small business owners

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Proud of your hard work? We bet you are! Yet many small business owners are reluctant to ask their satisfied customers for a Google Review, recommendation or a testimonial. It feels like 'self-promotion' or asking for praise. Yet, these same business owners will spend $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000 per month on advertisements to attract new customers when demand is low. Why? WOW Promoter video testimonials provides technology to collect testimonials automatically at the point-of-sale without burdening your front-line team. You can use the free app OR you can upgrade to the Desktop Kiosk (pictured). Either way, you are leveraging an asset you already own - the goodwill, satisfaction and desire to reciprocate from your CURRENT customers. Why not let your CURRENT CUSTOMERS tell YOUR STORY using THEIR WORDS in order to attract NEW CUSTOMERS on social media?

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