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6 Free Tools for Creating Client Testimonial Videos

December 1, 2020 | Video Testimonials on Websites

Here are the 6 free tools for creating client testimonial videos in your small business.

Table of Contents

  • Get the free mobile app for video testimonials

  • Watch the 2 hour Masterclass on Story Structure

  • Develop your Online Personality Checklist
  • Develop your Company Culture Checklist
  • Calculate your Social Video ROI
  • Layout your Lighting and Camera diagram

Free Mobile App

Did you know that stories of personal triumph are the #1 reason videos go viral?

What if you discovered you could create simple, 3-minute videos in your small business everyday?

Think of the free advertising a viral video would create for your small business…


  1. Do you like all the hosting, the posting, and the tagging with social media videos?
  2. Do you want the video text transcription e-mailed to your client for posting to Google Reviews?

If the answer to the 1st question is “No” and the answer to the 2nd question is “Yes” then why not let the free app do it all for you?

WOW App download banner
WOW Mobile App Download link to Google Play and Apple iStore.

2 hour Masterclass on Story Structure

Get your customer to tell YOUR story in THEIR own words.

Learn the 1-2-3 Story Structure that helps you make watchable, entertaining client testimonial videos even if your customer has NEVER done video before.

You could teach your grandma (no dis-respect intended) to make a viral video with the 1-2-3 Story Structure – learn how by clicking the image:

Story Structure Masterclass hosted on Thinkific
1-2-3 Story Structure Masterclass hosted on Thinkific

Learn more about the 1-2-3 Story Structure for creating watchable, entertaining videos

Personality Checklist

Developing your online image can be easier for some people than for others.

Watch Dr. Miami or ZDoggMD and you can see they are natural in front of the camera – they laugh, they prance, they dance and they sing.

They love the camera and the camera loves them (ZDoggMD is only 5’10” but he’s a giant on video).

Get a short-cut to develop your online image with this simple checklist that helps you select your TOP TRAITS for online video – click the image.

Create your online image
Develop your online image – link to the Develop Your Personality Checklist for Small Biz Owners

Check out Dr. Miami’s Top 10 video interview skills

Company Culture Checklist

Most video testimonials are for small businesses trying to advertise online to gain new customers and employees.

Use this Company Culture Checklist to help make sure ALL of our Team Members are creating video testimonials with a similar voice and with similar values – they should be the values YOUR company supports.

Company Culture Checklist image
Company Culture Checklist

Learn more about how you can develop your online personality

Social Media ROI Calculator

Are you making money? Does your social media video content actually gain you new customers, traffic and online engagement?

Use this simple checklist to measure your Return on Investment (ROI) on social media spending.

Video ROI Checklist
Video ROI Checklist

Checkout this in-depth discussion about measuring ROI for small businesses

Lighting and Camera diagram

Lights and camera angles can quickly get complicated – we like to keep things simple.

Download a study this simple, 1-pager to get started immediately with shooting client video testimonials and get more Google Reviews, too!

video lighting diagram with key light and back light
YouTuber video lighting diagram with key light and back light

Get the free app – save time and $$

If you are an influencer who deals face-to-face with people, like a dentist or a real estate agent, you can become an online influencer using short, testimonial videos on popular social platforms.

We can show you how.

Do you like all the hosting and posting?

All the hashtags, hypertext links and tech-y stuff?

If not, just let the WOW Promoter app do it for you – for free!

free app bog footer
Free WOW Promoter app blog footer