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An Example of Celebrity Social Proof: Orson Welles

December 1, 2020 | Video Testimonials on Websites

Celebrity Social Proof:  Orson Wells & Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill nodded his head in greeting to the famous director-radio host Orson Welles as they passed each other in a crowded restaurant.

Welles was trying to obtain money for a movie project from a wealthy theater financier.  Upon reaching their table, the financier turned to Welles and said, “You know Winston Churchill?” to which Welles acknowledged, “Yes, I knew him during the War in a humble capacity.”

Needless to say, the lunch went very well for Welles and he was able to obtain the money he needed from the financier.

The next day, Welles saw Churchill again – this time on the beach of the resort they were both staying.

Welles approached the great man to tell him of the positive impact of Churchill’s head nod the day before in the restaurant.  

Churchill’s response is classic, VERY memorable and VERY funny.

Watch the video of Welles telling the story in 1970 to Dick Cavett on the Dick Cavett Show. (Queued up to 10:20 in the video – just click)

An Example of Celebrity Social Proof: Orson Welles

We love making social proof real and this story by Orson Welles is as real as it gets.

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