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Best Small Business Viral Videos of All Time

December 1, 2020 | Small Business Marketing

The science behind what makes a video go viral has come a long way since “Charlie Bit My Finger” in 2005.

Today, in 2022, we have many examples of small business viral videos that extend the reach of small business advertising, lower ad costs and gain new customers for small business owners.

  • Wyoming Real Estate Agent
  • Georgia Small Town Lawyer
  • Miami, Florida Plastic Surgeon
  • Tampa, Florida Used Car Salesman

Since ‘all time’ is a long time let’s narrow this down for you: ‘Charlie Bit My Finger 1st went viral on YouTube in 2005.

The original video has racked up millions of views and recently sold as a Non Fungible Token (NFT) for over $700,000 in 2021.

But, many small businesses have ALSO gone viral since 2005 – here’s the top 4 examples of small business success with online video and HOW they did it.

Wyoming Real Estate Viral Video

This real estate agent is just a regular guy.

He put no real effort into the video production values; no real editing.

But, that’s probably exactly why his video went viral – and yours can, too.

Think about what advantage you have over Madison Avenue ad agencies who have huge ad budgets and experts to create viral videos.

What do you have that they don’t?

I’ll tell you what that is, but first, more examples of successful small business viral videos.

Tampa, Florida Used Car Dealer Viral Video

This Tampa, Florida used car dealer went viral with a print ad (the video followed) in 2017.

The ad was hilariously funny BUT, it was not written by a professional ad writer – it was written by a 27-year old part-time used car salesman who was sick of customer complaints about ‘lemon’ autos.

He was just trying to be honest with his customers.

Check out the full story of this brutally honest used car salesman who went viral here.

Small-town Georgia Lawyer viral video

This viral video was from a small-town Georgia lawyer with a chip on his shoulder.

His brother had died – killed by a drug dealer in a drive-by shooting – and the cops tried to say the brother was involved with drugs.

Needless to say, this small-town Georgia lawyer got a LOT of attention when he ran his ad on local TV during the Super Bowl.

His video went viral.

Miami Plastic Surgeon viral video

Dr. Miami already has a successful plastic surgery practice in, you guessed it, Miami, Florida!

Then, he does a wonderfully funny short video with Kodak Black (the rapper) and his family and THAT goes viral, too.

By the way, most of Dr. Miami’s patients find him online and most of them are African American (Dr. Miami is Jewish) – talk about the internet being a force that connects people!

Watch the video just to see how easily Dr. Miami engages with Kodak Black – we can all learn something from him about treating people the way they want to be treated.

They laugh, they dance, they talk about other rappers – it’s just a good, entertaining video.

The Small Business Advantage

Small business owners only have 1 advantage over Madison Avenue or professional YouTubers…

  • it’s not a big ad budget and lot’s of $$$
  • it’s not lots of time and creative ideas

I’ll give you a sec…

It’s your customers.

Video testimonials with your best customers; chatting, laughing, taking video selfies together and sharing them online for your NEW customers to see.

  • Have your CURRENT customer tell YOUR story in THEIR own words.
  • Learn the science of sharing that Madison Avenue pros use at Christmas, during the Super Bowl and many other times to PREDICTABLY create videos that go viral online.
  • Learn the ‘secret’, 50 year-old scientific discovery that pre-dates the internet but is responsible for so much social sharing success online.
  • Discover the #1 thing that causes otherwise normal videos to explode online with viral contagion.
  • See how online memes are created.
  • Learn the most BASIC principle that ALL human societies share that you can learn that will GUARANTEE your customers will want to help you create testimonial videos in your small business.

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