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Every small business owner in the world believes word of mouth marketing is their most powerful marketing weapon – and they’re right.

But, the world is changing – rapidly. Every day more of their customers’ attention is moving online, onto mobile screens and into social media feeds.

Word of Mouth on the Web ® is social media influencer marketing for professional small business. Word of Mouth on the Web ® is the Registered Trademark of the WOW Promoter Inc.

The mobile app is designed to quickly add social proof to your websites.

Video testimonials for location-based businesses such as physicians and other medical clinics, hospitals, restaurants, museums and sports events are like ‘jet fuel’ for your social media marketing.

The app is designed to smooth out the technical aspects of social media marketing:

  • Taking the the video
  • Placing the logo
  • Uploading the video to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others …
  • Appending metadata

Let your social media team spend time engaging with your audience – not worried about technical details.

We hide the technical aspects of social media and web marketing so the business can focus on what they do best – create amazing customer experiences that surprise and delight – WOW – the customer.


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