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Examples of Video Testimonials

December 1, 2020 | Video Testimonials on Websites

The ‘best’ examples of testimonial videos are interview videos. Especially if they are ‘do-it-yourself’ testimonial videos. 

Small businesses can learn to make testimonial videos that can go ‘locally’ viral and earn you new business.

Here, we’ll explain with some examples of ‘good’ and bad’ testimonial videos in the next sections…

  • What are some examples of ‘good’ video testimonials?
  • What are some examples of video testimonials that are ‘bad’?
  • How do I ask my customer for video testimonials?
  • What questions do I ask in a video testimonial?
  • Should I make my own video testimonials or hire a professional?
  • How can I get interview-style video testimonials from customers

A testimonial is social proof – third party validation that a business is legit, the product is good and the service isn’t terrible. Remember, if you say it, it’s ‘marketing’ but if your customer says it, it’s true.

Examples of ‘good’ video testimonials

A ‘good’ video testimonial is one that ‘pulls’ your website visitors along the next steps in their customer journey.

‘Pulling’ your customer is called a website conversion. A conversion might mean a person lands on your page and reads your text. A conversion might mean they click to watch your testimonial video.

These video testimonial examples that follow ‘look good’ because they’re all designed by professional videography firms. But, we don’t have their conversion rates so we’re just going to judge the videos on their looks today.

In these videos, you’ll see many of the key elements of a good ‘cinematic’ video:

  • great narrative
  • scripted lines
  • practiced delivery
  • good lighting

lemonlight gives us 11 examples of video testimonials with pro-level tips to make your video great.

uscreen shows us 21 examples of video testimonials – also professionally made – for companies both large and small.

But, what if you’re a small business and you need video content for social media marketing? However, you don’t this skillset and you don’t have the big budget for lemonlight or uscreen.

Can you make a video testimonial that DOESN’T SUCK?

Because many video testimonials DO suck – amateur video testimonials are often hard to watch – so, how can we make them better?

What are some examples of video testimonials that are ‘bad’?

Bad video testimonials are hard to watch for the same reasons that good video testimonials are easy to watch.

Some examples of bad video testimonials that have:

  • No storyline
  • The customers’ delivery is wandering, confused or irregular
  • Poor lighting

Professionals advise that we interview the customer – the natural give-and-take of the interview improves the customers’ delivery of their thoughts.

But, most people will struggle if we ask them to deliver a testimonial solo on video.

Imagine how you might feel if someone (your dentist, perhaps) pointed the camera at you – “Lights, camera, action!” – likely, you would freeze up, stutter, stammer or mumble something inaudible and hope the video ends quickly.

In other words, customers are usually more comfortable engaging in a conversation or an interview.

The storyline, or narrative, is determined by the sequence of the interview questions. We’ll discuss the most commonly asked questions below; in What Do You Say in a Video Testimonial?

However, video lighting is another subject entirely – one that I’ve learned a lot from watching the team at Wondershare – and they can teach you, too.

How do I ask for video testimonials?

There are three ways to ask for a video testimonial in small businesses.

  1. Face-to-face with your customer and you ask them.
  2. Email your customer your request (many apps do this now).
  3. Your customer clicks your website display widget.

What questions do I ask in a video testimonial?

Start with a list of questions – not necessarily scripted, but written questions. Here is the easiest script for video testimonial questions, ever.

The order of your questions will determine your storyline – what do you want your testimonial video to show or say?

To determine what you want the video to say let’s flip that script and ask this question:

What do your customers want?

Research by Justin De Graff of Think with Google shows that when people go online to solve a problem they come with one of six ‘need states’ that are motivating their search:

  • Thrill Me
  • Impress Me
  • Educate Me
  • Reassure Me
  • Help Me
  • Surprise Me

Most video testimonials – ‘bad’ and ‘good’ – fall into the ‘Educate Me’ or ‘Reassure Me’ category.

Could you be different?

Could your testimonial video fall into the ‘Surprise Me’ or ‘Thrill Me’ category?

What about this interview video? Dr. Miami and Kodak Black sit for a 30 minute, back-and-forth, with lots of laughter and family members chiming in.It’s very entertaining to watch.

So, file this one under “Thrill Me”.

Dr. Miami’s full length interview of Kodak Black

By the way, notice how Dr. Miami starts the interview with a page of written questions for Kodak Black?

He just reads the questions off of the page – doesn’t even try to hide it.

Also, note the obvious chemistry and comfort Dr. Miami has with his subject – he gets this 21-year old kid to loosen up about halfway through the interview.

Compare Kodak Black in the first minute with Kodak Black in the 15th minute.

Kodak Black is laughing, smiling and talking.

Dr. Miami really seems to like his patients and want to get to know Kodak Black.

How can I get interview-style video testimonials from my customers?

The key is proximity. Do you like your customer? Do they like you?

If the answer to both of these questions is NOT a strong ‘YES!’ you probably should not ask them for a testimonial.

Review the Proximity Rule – this is WHY the interview-style video testimonial is so effective. And, why solo testimonials are so ineffective.

Finally, read this review of the evidence from the Review Solicitation industry – we’ve got evidence from 12 firms that use online tools to solicit video testimonials from customers – how do they do it? Most of them just email the customer – our app is the only app designed to be used as a customer interview tool.

Last, download the free app that helps you collect video testimonials from your customers – use any device, Apple or Andoid, phone or tablet and instantly begin dominating social media in your community.

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