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Good Goals for Social Media Managers in Healthcare

December 1, 2020 | Small Business Marketing

You’re the social media manager for a large medical practice.  It’s your job to drive new patients through the front door.

You know social media works but it takes time… and content.

LOTS of content!

You have have heard , “Social Media is free!  Why do you need a budget?”

Read “Is Social Media Free?” right here!

Table of Contents

  • Why Goals Don’t Work in Social Media Marketing
    • Three Step Process to Achieve Your Life’s Goals
  • Teamwork in Healthcare Social Media Marketing
  • How to Produce Daily Social Media Content in Healthcare
  • Video testimonials are part of the process
  • Why Social Media is Important in Healthcare
  • Why Credentials Matter Online
  • Two Examples of Successful Social Media Posts in Healthcare
  • Summary

So, what do you do?  Many social media managers or medical practice managers would set goals:

  • “I’ll do 1 Facebook post per day!”
  • “I’ll write 2 blog posts per week!”
  • “I’ll make 1 YouTube video every 2 weeks.”

The optimal frequency for posting to Facebook specifically is about 1 time per day, depending on the size of your audience and their engagement.  Any more posts lead to decreased engagement, according to this research. In this blog, we’re going to show you not just goal setting which, by itself, is ineffective and frustrating but also goal achievement.

Why Goals Don’t Work in Social Media Marketing

The challenge with goals is that they represent the endpoint or outcome of your work but don’t tell you HOW you are going to reach your goal. For example, what are good goals for a medical practice social media manager? Is it the quality of posts, videos, photos and blogs?  Or, is it the quantity of those posts?

“Everybody sets goals but nobody teaches you to achieve goals.” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Three Step Process to Achieve Your Life’s Goals

  1. Write down goals, using affirmative language, for each area of your life.  Be specific, for your Health goal, your statement might look something like this:  “At 50 years of age, I will be pain free, take no medication and able to walk 3 miles in 45 minutes without stress.”
  2. Write specific goals for each MAJOR area and as many minor areas as you want.
    • health
    • wealth
    • personal relationships
    • work
    • play
    • travel & experiences
    • faith, etc.
  3. Read your written goals,  out loud, every day.
  4. Close your eyes and visualize what your life would FEEL like if you had the things you visualized.

Teamwork in Healthcare Social Media Marketing

One challenge is the Napoleon Hill approach to goal setting is somewhat personal but social media in healthcare probably requires a team approach. Another key challenge in healthcare is the incessant demand for high productivity from the leadership of many organizations.  Most physicians and other healthcare producers will not have the time to help their social media teams and managers to create online content. So, how do you generate ideas to post content?

  • Do you outsource the creative?
  • Or, try to use the creative juices of your team (who may have other job duties)?

Simple goals don’t help you answer these questions.  WHO’s going to do the work and HOW are they going to generate the content? Case in point, a business coach for a large, regional healthcare provider gave me the following motto included with one of their slide presentations:

“…when you know your purpose, set goals and show up, you can never fail…”


Goals are hard to visualize, hard to remember due to the crushing demand of the workday and provide no clear path to how to achieve the goal.

Consider that corporate goal setting originated from the US military during World War II and was adopted by US corporations to mobilize and motivate large groups of people.

Read about the top secret government agency that developed strategic planning for the Army in the Description of this YouTube video:

Today, many teams are smaller, more autonomous and much more flat in their hierarchy.

Many teams should examine and improve their daily PROCESS of creating social media content.

How to Produce Daily Social Media Content in Healthcare

When managers put time and energy into the process, without trying to control the outcome, your creative juices and your teams’ creative juices will be unleashed.

Here are some example of video testimonial content that could be developed for social media:

  • Day in the Life (link)
  • Meet the team
  • My favorite doctor
  • Birthday party
  • Tour of the Facility
  • COVID clean protocol
  • Behind the Scenes of a (surgical) procedure
  • Prepping for your procedure
  • After Your Procedure
  • Team meeting – dealing with____________ (fill-in-the-blank)

Video testimonials are part of the process

The most successful social media celebrities integrate video into their everyday activities:

Read to the end of this blogpost to get the free app you can use with any mobile device that will help you integrate video into any place at your work.

Setting up the app is quick and easy and the voice-to-text feature converts the video into a text-based Google Review.

Google Reviews icon
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Why Social Media is Important in Healthcare

Consider that only 14% of the the online social proof nowadays is  from credentials.  We’ve all seen the rise of the Online Influencer – today, almost 50% of online social proof is from single influencers who are NOT EXPERTS.

social proof distribution across 4 categories pie chart
Click the link to access the original data – Distribution of categories of social proof across 5 categories (n = 95)

There has been a dramatic shift away from credentialed experts (like doctors) online as Conversion Rate Optimization experts seek to drive online traffic to their websites.

They use the factors that give the biggest bang for the buck – and these factors are NOT the credentials of doctors.

Notwithstanding the success of social media pioneers, such as Dr. Pimple Popper and Dr. Miami, we believe that not enough doctors realize and emphasize the importance of social media in connecting with their patients.

Why Credentials Matter Online

Credentials matter online for the same reason they matter in real life; because people get hurt when they don’t have access to qualified professionals:

  • engineers
  • physicians
  • attorneys
  • architects and building contractors
  • plumbers, electricians and handymen

…and the list goes on.

Two Examples of Successful Social Media Posts in Healthcare

Two of my favorite examples of successful social media posters are Dr. Pimple Popper and Dr. Miami.

You saw our review of Dr. Pimple Popper in the previous paragraph – here are Ten Examples of Dr. Miami being AWESOME on social media

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