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How Many Times a Day Should a Small Business Post to Facebook?

December 1, 2020 | Video Testimonials on Websites

Small business owners who want to market their business online are probably posting to Facebook.  These small business owners will want the answers we’ve tried to answer in this blogpost:   

Table of Contents

  1. How many Facebook posts per day should a small business post?
  2. How many is too many Facebook posts per day?
  3. How Can Small Businesses gather User-Generated Content (UGC) such as Google Reviews and video testimonials?
  4. How can a business owner, manager or employee ask your current customer to for online reviews, Facebook posts and video testimonials?

How many Facebook posts per day should I post?

One-to-two Facebook posts per day is sufficient.  Any more than 2 posts per day and there is a drop-off in user engagement.  We’ve got a link to the original research below.

How many is too many Facebook posts per day?

The green bar in the graph below shows the BEST number of Facebook posts per day – its an average of one Facebook post per day.

This is the ‘sweet spot’ for small business owners.

The Social Media Frequency Guide by also describes the lower bound – below this and your audience drops off, loses interest and finds another source for their information, data or whatever.

“As a general rule, (we) found that posting once per week on Facebook was so low as to lose connection with your audience and posting more than twice per day was crossing the line into annoying.”

Most small business owners struggle to avoid this lower bound – they may not have enough content to post to engage their audience in a meaningful way.

This makes sense – a busy dentist, attorney or physician using video testimonials has clients in their office most of the day. They can’t be expected to sit down at their computer at the end of a busy day to create graphic or text content.

To help overcome this hurdle, Kim Garst shares her blog post titled “17 Killer Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business Owners” – these are mostly lists, contests, customer FAQs and more great ideas for time-strapped entrepreneurs.

Don’t go overboard, though. The chart below from shows how rapidly user engagement drops off with increasing posting frequency.

Relative response by Number of Facebook posts per day
Relative response by Number of Facebook posts per day

How Can Small Businesses Manage User-Generated Content (UGC)?

User-generated content (UGC) is used to describe text, videos, tweets, Facebook posts and Yelp reviews that talk about a product or service. This content is found on social media, including the companies own web pages, in blog comments and the like.

User-generated content can dramatically increase the amount of online content – business owners hope and pray this online word-of-mouth is positive, not negative!

A good example of positive word-of-mouth is described by Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin in their book Talk Triggers of a warm chocolate chip cookie served to every new guest, every night by the Doubletree Hotel – a brand with 500 hotels in 40 different countries and territories around the world. That’s a lot of cookies!

Needless to say, hotel guests spontaneously post to social media their ‘surprise and delight’ with their warm cookie.

Get Your Current Customer to Post Testimonials to Facebook and Google Reviews For You

Let your customers post to Facebook for you.  I’ll show you how in just a moment.

Ask them for a testimonial when you recognize they are surprised and delighted with your service – this is particularly effective when the services are personal since you or a team member are right there to see the immediate impact on the customer.  

Consider just the following list of clients we serve with our app-based testimonial technology:

  • beauty and aesthetics
  • hair nails or spa treatments
  • therapy services such as a physical or massage therapist
  • physician services
  • dental treatments

Customer testimonials by CURRENT are trusted by NEW customers who are considering a purchase. 

Many of these people will review your product or service in the Web prior to purchase. Let your existing customers talk directly to them with a video testimonial posted directly to Facebook or Google Reviews. 

Best of all, the video can be automatically recorded from within the app.

Gather more Google & video reviews with new app

Promote your business online using the faces, the voices and the words of your BEST customers speaking directly to NEW customers in online video.

Use the WOW Promoter app to collect customer testimonials and Google Reviews from your point-of-sale.

See why customers will GIVE you a Google  Review 

Set up your account by emailing

The app is free – go download at Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

Click the image to download the app to your mobile device:

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