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How to Be More Attractive and Trustworthy in Social Media Video with Dax Shepard

December 1, 2020 | Video Testimonials on Websites

Watch Dax Shepard interview Russell Brand and be vulnerable for his audience.  You can learn from Dax how to be more attractive and trustworthy on social media video:

Dax Shepard is the ‘hot guy’ in the 2014 comedy ‘This is Where I Leave You’ and one of Apple’s hottest podcast celebrities with his Armchair Expert series of celebrity interviews.

In this video Dax shares a vulnerable story about when he was boring and overbearing with Russell Brand.

Dax connects with his audience even though he was interviewing Russell Brand, one of the funniest and most controversial figures in contemporary times.

Dax shows how to engage with your audience even while you respect and support the person you are interviewing.

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Watch Dax Shepard interview Russell Brand and share a deeply personal story about how he feels about Russell during the interview…

  1. Dax shares his feelings…
    Russell is better than Dax… at a game that Dax ADORES; conversation with other people; but Dax allows Russell to win because he is learning from Russell.
  2. Dax respects Russell
    Dax recognizes that Russell is superior at wordplay and chooses not to compete in that arena with Russell; and Dax wins on that level
  3. Dax connects with his audience
    We walk away from Dax and Russell’s interaction with a sense that we have watched cooperative play; not competition.

And, we are the winners of this exchange.

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