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How To Interview a Customer Face-to-Face for a Video Testimonial During COVID

December 1, 2020 | Video Testimonials on Websites
  1. Pre-interview communication
  2. Health Screen Prior to Interview
  3. Health Screen On-site
  4. Arrive to the Live Interview site
  5. The handshake
  6. Social distancing
  7. Cleaning

Pre-interview communication

Describe to your customer how the interview will go before it happens. Remember that your customer is probably more nervous than usual, because of the pressure of the interview and the precautions they need to take due to COVID.

Communicate with your customer by sending a text, email or phone call prior to the interview.  Many video testimonials using the WOW Promoter app will be spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment interactions with no appointment.  If the interview happens at the point-of-sale without an appointment, ask the customer if have any questions or concerns. 

The app will send a written follow-up email as well as a copy of their video testimonial.

Health Screen Prior to Interview

A health screening is a standard process in most medical clinics (where sick people go) – for our clients who may need a medical screening questionnaire, here are the approved questions to screen for COVID-19. 

These questions are generally asked prior to the patient appointment.  If the patient does not have an appointment, then ask the questions face-to-face:

  • Have you recently traveled to an area with known local spread of Covid-19?
  • Have you come into close contact (within 6 feet) with someone who has a laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis in the last 14 days?
  • Are you experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms identified by the CDC?
  • If they answer affirmatively to any of the above, then the interview should be postponed.

Health Screen On-site

Put in place a process to check the temperature of customers and interviewers when they arrive in the office/clinic:

  • Postpone the interview immediately if the customer’s temperature is 100 degrees or higher.
  • If you only have a single interviewer and they have a fever, you will need to postpone the interview.

    If you have multiple interviewers, and one registers a fever, determine whether the interview can proceed without them.

Arrive to the Live Interview site

Be sure to clearly set expectations and provide specific day-of-interview instructions for customers (and interviewers) before the on-site interview. These instructions should include:

  • Where to park. Have spaces identified specifically for visitors to use.
  • Where to enter the building. If possible, identify a specific entrance to be used only for visitors.
  • Instructions on who to call and reschedule if they are not feeling well. Refer to CDC’s list of symptoms of the coronavirus.

The Handshake

Don’t offer or ask for a handshake – however, a handshake is so common and so comfortable for most of us, especially adults, that preventing handshakes is difficult.

YOU must BE the leader when it comes to handshakes – be the FIRST to offer a fist bump or an elbow.  Smile, and shake your head, if offered the handshake.  Say no.

Still, it’s important to establish rapport with your patient or customer.

So, review these 10 interview tips that are awesome – from one of the best doctors in America.

Social distancing

Choose a large room in which to hold your interviews and make sure that everyone sticks to social distancing guidelines.

Set out chairs before the interview begins and remind everyone how the interview will go.

Enter the room at different times to maintain the right social distance. Ventilate the room, too, where possible by opening windows. Even better, consider an interview outdoors where the transmission risk is believed to be less.


Your facilities team should already be on top of cleaning, but ensure that it is being undertaken to the right standard and using correct protocols so that the meeting room is clean and hygienic.

Keyboards should be cleaned often. 

Any items used for the interview should be sprayed and wiped down afterwards.

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