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Small Business micro-Viral Videos

December 1, 2020 | Small Business Marketing

Small business owners – ice cream shops, doctors, lawyers and real estate agents – are all learning how to go viral online and gain new customers, revenue and exposure – for free!

The process to go viral is not easy but it can be learned.

There are specific steps these successful small businesses have done that you can replicate to create your own viral video.

Andia’s Ice Cream shop went viral on TikTok in April 2021 with 1 million views.

According to Don Lichterman’s blog…

Andia’s Ice Cream had been on TikTok for about 6 months, sharing entertaining if little-seen clips highlighting the Cary, North Carolina shop’s cones and milkshakes, when the business had its first viral hit.

An April 2021 video rating the “scoopability” of the monthly flavors racked up over 2 million views and nearly 300,000 likes, with commenters buzzing over unique offerings like Flamin’ Hot (cream cheese and hot Cheetos) and Cannoli Cream.

Don Lichterman’s blog

Despite Andia Ice Cream’s whopping 2 million views, most of the ice cream shop’s videos had just a few thousand views. These might be called ‘micro-viral videos’.

Andia’s Ice Cream still saw dramatically increased reach from their ‘micro viral’ TikTok videos with customers driving from up to 1 hour away to buy their ice cream.

Video Testimonials on TikTok? Check it out.

What is the Definition of a micro-Viral Video?

A viral video is a video that is “shared beyond expectations” according to Karen Nelson-Fields, author of Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing.

In other words, let’s say you have 1,000 followers and your videos typically get shared 50 times.

That’s a 5% share rate. That’s about average.

But, you post a new video that gets shared 400 times – a 40% share rate. WAY above expectations.

That’s a viral video, according to Karen Nelson-Fields.

So, it’s not the total number or shares, or even views, that define a viral video.

It’s the degree your video is shared above the expected share rate.

You don’t need millions or even thousands of views to have a viral video hit.

What are the steps to create a micro-viral video?

  1. Take lots of photos & take lots of videos – these are called ‘b-roll’ and they serve to embellish your final video with details that help to tell the full story about your business or product.

See why your business needs simple stories on social media.

TED Talks
  1. Feature people, working or playing together in your videos. This creates trust with you customers through a neuroscience property called The Proximity Rule.

Learn the Proximity Rule here.

  1. Stories of Personal Triumph go viral the most – ice cream is not the most likely personal triumph story but you never know why some people share videos.

So, how do we know these steps guarantee a viral hit?

Well, we don’t – but, these are features common to many of the 800 viral videos of the last 20 years studied by Karen Nelson-Fields in her book Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing.

In fact, sharing of videos was highest when the creative device used was ‘stories of personal triumph’.

This is compared to other creative devices such as ‘babies’, ‘animals’ and ‘dancing’.

Personal triumph videos is the most common creative device
Personal triumph videos are the most sharable creative device
  1. Finally, try to appear as yourself in your micro-viral video.

    Your personal appearance is key to your micro-video strategy because customers relate better to people than to big, impersonal brands.

From a HelloSociety study…

“Survey respondents were more than three times as likely to follow an influencer on social media than to follow a brand directly, indicating the ability of influencers to better reach consumers.”

Buffer blog

How to Make a Video Testimonial Go Viral

This lengthy blogpost about everything you need to know to create a customer testimonial video is from 2021.

The tips & diagrams are still good.

This should be everything you need to create your in-house videos with the expectation that some of them will achieve the ‘viral’ status defined by Karen Nelson-Fields.

Use Your micro-Viral Video to Become an Online Influencer

Small businesses are going viral every day – why not you?

  • Real estate agents
  • Doctors and physicians
  • Used car salesmen
  • Lawyers
  • Ice cream shops

Now, it’s your turn. There is nothing ‘unique’ about your business that says you cannot be successful online, too.

You’ll use your ‘micro-viral video’ to become a ‘micro influencer’ in your local community.

Check out this Buffer podcast from Heather-Mae Pusztai on micro-influencers:

So, you’ve discovered that you too can be a micro-influencer and you can probably create a short video that could become a micro-viral hit

Follow the steps #1 thru #4 above and start posting online.

Download our free app – forget all the hosting and posting and hash tagging – let the app do the work.

Check out the Worlds’ Simplest Story Masterclass – tell simple stories about your business – in your customers’ own words!

Thanks for reading our blog – we can’t wait to find your viral video online!

How to Know if You’re a Micro-Influencer?

Micro influencers are very good at influencing purchasing decisions among their followers.

But, maybe you don’t think of yourself as an Online Influencer because you’re also a dentist, or a chiropractor. Maybe you’re a successful real estate agent or physical therapist.

The point is, many of your In Real Life (IRL) customers will also read and follow your posts online.

Now is the chance to build your online following; using your small business as a springboard.

But, don’t worry – the stakes are not that high. You can achieve online and viral success with just a few hundred or a few thousand followers.

Science weighs in: Once a social media influencer surpasses a certain number of followers, audience engagement drops:

FollowersEngagement Rate
Less than 1,00015%
1,000 – 9,9997.4%
100,000 +2.4%

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