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Social Media Influencer: Video Personality Checklist

December 1, 2020 | Social Proof on Websites

What We’ll Discuss about Video Personality Checklists

  1. What is a Video Personality Checklist?
  2. How Does the Video Personality Checklist Work?
  3. An Example of a Video Personality Checklist
  4. Free Offer and Privacy Policy

What is a Video Personality Checklist?

A personality checklist is a quick self-inventory of your personality traits – the intent is to provide insight as to those characteristics of your own personality that will play well on video and on social media.

Do you want become a social media influencer?  Do you need to improve your ‘on camera’ presence?  Do you need to find your authentic voice?

Use this Video Personality Checklist (best with a partner) to discover unique aspects about your personality that you can share on video and post to social media.

Click this link to access the PDF version of the Social Media Influencer Checklist. 

How Does the Video Personality Checklist Work?

You are what is called an ‘unconscious expert’ – especially about yourself!  

You may not even ‘see’ those aspects of your personality that other people find attractive – that’s why a partner is helpful.

Step 1:  Fill out the checklist – list as many answers as you can think of.  There are no wrong answers.

Step 2:  Go back and read your answers – pick out and circle in red your top 3 answers.  Which of your answers can you speak to?  Which answer are you passionate about?  Which answer are you most authoritative?

Step 3:  Pick ONE answer and talk about that – create a scripted ‘elevator pitch’ that you can speak to during video – either client testimonial videos or subject matter expert videos.

Click this link to access the PDF version of the Social Media Influencer Checklist. 

There are NO WRONG ANSWERS – the intent here is to build trust with viewers on video whom you cannot see.  

Viewers who like you, who trust you and who like your content will follow you, share your content and comment.

An Example of a Personality Checklist

What stories can you tell that supports the value you are there to deliver on?  What business are you in?  

Here’s an example: I’m a Physical Therapist with a private practice and I filled out my list above with the following traits and characteristics:

  • father
  • husband
  • triathlete
  • I’m passionate about the environment
  • specifically reforestation
  • I’m super-anal about typos and bad grammar
  • I’m the peacemaker in the family
  • I have no self-control when it comes to cookies.

Next, video some aspect of your business – mine is an exercise demonstration for my patients.  

There are literally thousands of exercise demos on YouTube so, to make mine unique and memorable for my fans, followers and viewers I’m simply going to take some of my personal details and merge them with the technical, boring stuff that viewers think they’re searching for.

Here’s the example of my video script:

“Hi!  This is Tim Richardson, Physical Therapist, and today we’re demonstrating the Canalith Repositioning Maneuver for patients with vertigo.  You can do this at home if you can’t get to the physical therapists’ office.

Now, I’m super-anal about typos and bad grammar and so we edited this video a lot and did multiple takes but the part I wouldn’t let them edit out was this first part about safety in the home – we have to make absolutely certain that you can perform this maneuver in a safe environment without worrying about falling down and for that you will need the following:”

So, obviously the script goes on from here but the important part is you saw how I simply wove that aspect of my personality (from the list above)  into an otherwise technical, perhaps boring demonstration of an essential technique people are searching for online (~35,000 searches per month, according to UberSuggest).

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