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Social Proof Infographic

December 1, 2020 | Influence and Persuasion

This social proof infographic below answers the following questions asked by marketers and consumers:

  • What is Social Proof for?
  • How Many Types of Social Proof Are There?
  • Who 1st Described Social Proof?

Why is Social Proof important in 2022?

Online marketers have described over 64 types of social proof used on websites.

Obviously, social proof is important; not just to marketers but to consumers, too.

As consumers, we use social proof to help make buying decisions:

  • Lots of cars in the parking lot means the breakfast diner has good food.
  • Lots of 4-and-5 star Google Reviews means the doctor has a good bedside manner.
  • Lots of well-written Amazon reviews means the new tech gadget doesn’t have major glitches.

Social proof online helps businesses tell the story that OTHER PEOPLE like and frequent the business so you should. too.

Discover “What Is The Business Story You Should Tell?”

So, web marketers use social proof and consumers need social proof.

With that in mind, wouldn’t you love something you could keep handy to remember what we just discussed?

Download the Social Proof Infographic

Check out this downloadable infographic for easy understanding of the 2 types of social proof used by social scientists.

Download the Online Social Proof infographic

Social Proof Infographic
Social Proof Infographic describes the 2 types of social proof and how they were 1st described.

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