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Super Connectors: The Key to Making Your Videos Go Viral

December 1, 2020 | Small Business Marketing

Making your online content go viral may be more about WHO sees and shares your video than it is about WHAT you put in your video.

Super connectors are special people who share online content at rates FAR greater than the average person.

Actually, more than 90% of people who view any online video do not share it.

Put another way, there are 10 times more viewers than people who share (see Dr. Karen Nelson-Field’s graph below).

These data suggest that super connecters are even more important for small business owners with a limited advertising budget to promote organic, online video content.

Who Are Super Connectors?

Let’s be real clear; super-connectors are real people.

Most super connectors are not big time celebrities; they’re your next door neighbor or your kid’s friend’s mom. Maybe they’re the barista who makes your coffee each morning.

Keith Ferrazzi of Never Eat Alone describes super connectors as these people who appreciate “…strong relationships and weak ties…” .

Super connectors seek out reasons to make new relationships with people they’ve just met and connect them with people they have known a long time.

My wife is one of these people as well as some co-workers I can think of.

Even though my wife is not connecting venture capital rainmakers she tells her friends about her dentist, plumber and her chiropractor.

It is these small business owners who need super connectors to promote their online content, videos and websites the most.

How Can Super Connectors Help You?

You need super connectors to help spread your online content.

If you’re advertising your business online then your organic social posts depend on a wide reach to find a large audience.

Even if you use paid ads, from Google and Facebook, to promote your content then super connectors can help you maintain that initial spike in viewership so, ultimately, more people have the opportunity to share your content.

Viral Marketing:  Karen Nelson-Fieldss
Relationship between Viewers and Sharers in Viral Marketing: Karen Nelson-Fields (page 52)

Introverts can be Super Connectors, too

You might think a super connector is glad-handing everyone at the party, kissing babies and slapping backs.

No, that’s a politician.

“You might think super connectors are extroverted and love to be the life of the party, but not always.

In fact, some of the best super connectors we know are serious introverts who became super connectors in spite of – or, perhaps, because of – their introversion.

They get lost at big events. They shine in one-on-one interactions.

They create opportunities to connect with people who fit their unique style of relationship building.”

Keith Gerber of Super Connector

Super Connectors Are Everywhere

In The Rules of Contagion, epidemiologist Adam Kucharski draws the comparison between the spread of COVID, the flu and other diseases with the spread of information online.

He describes special ‘nodes’ in branching networks that increase replication when a virus begins to slow down.

These ‘nodes’ have a name; in information systems and human populations these nodes are called super spreaders

We find super spreaders among these aspects of human experience:

  • Human disease outbreaks
  • Computer worms & viruses
  • Financial contagion like the 2008 sub-prime mortgage meltdown

There is good, epidemiological evidence that certain individuals transmit disease outbreaks at much higher rates than average: these people earned the nickname ‘super spreaders’, mainly in media coverage.

Unfortunately, super spreaders often get demonized in the media. Since we want to contain disease outbreaks we shouldn’t demonize individuals – this rarely works.

  • Gaetan Dugas – accused (wrongly) of initially spreading AIDS in 1984.
  • Typhoid Mary- accused (correctly) of spreading typhoid fever in 1900.

Instead of blaming individuals, health authorities usually recommend social isolation (quarantine), social distancing, testing, vaccinations and masks. These efforts all work on populations, not individuals.

Super connectors are helpful, not harmful

The above super spreaders are harmful, not helpful.

But, super connectors can be helpful for small businesses.

How should we identify super connectors for your business?

  1. First, identify them.
  2. Then, ask them.
  3. Then, share your online content to them.
  4. If you don’t have content you will have to record it.

How to Identify Super Connectors

Now that we’ve established WHO super connectors are and WHY they are helpful to your business let’s figure out HOW we can identify super connectors.

First, the super connector MUST be one of your customers – because they need to KNOW you to be able to promote your business to their friends.

So, ask yourself; “Who are my BEST customers?”

What are they like?

Here’s a hint:

“Superconnectors are extremely curious individuals . They care about learning, expanding their horizons, and getting as much information as they can from others in order to be helpful later on.
They ask bucketloads of questions.”

Super Connector by Scott Gerber (p. 26)

So, now you’ve identified your super connector.

And, you’re determined to ask them to promote your business.

What’s next?

One of the easiest types of video content for small businesses is a customer testimonial video.

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How to ask a super connector for a video testimonial

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