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The Modern Criteria for Social Media: The VRIN Score

December 1, 2020 | Web Marketing

The Modern Criteria for Social Media:  The VRIN Score

The VRIN score is a simple method to rank the viral quality of your web content, be it video, images or text posts.  

Just think about the VRIN this way – no content should be placed online that does not have at least an ‘8’ a ‘9’ or a ’10’ VRIN score.

So, what is a VRIN score?

What You’ll Get in This Blogpost

  1. What is the VRIN Score?
  2. Calculating Your VRIN Score
  3. Interpreting Your VRIN Score
  4. Virality of the VRIN Score
  5. How To Increase Your VRIN Score
  6. Free Offer and Privacy Policy

What is the VRIN Score?

The VRIN score is a rating system, popularized by Tai Lopez, to judge the ‘virality’ or degree at which people are likely to share, your social media posts.  Virality is just one very important aspect of your social media posts. Each component of the VRIN is scored from ‘1’ to ’10’.

Here is what VRIN stands for:

  • Value – is your post valuable enough that someone might PAY to see, read or watch it?  Payment is a high bar, especially on the internet where everything is free, but this standard gives us a range to understand Value.  For example, a Value score of ’10’ means some people would gladly pay to watch more content.  Movie trailers are a good example of online media with a high Value score.  
  • Rarity – medical doctors, like the plastic surgeon Dr. Miami, have started to post tummy tucks, breast augmentation surgeries and other cosmetic procedures online.  These were once very rare.  As more doctors enter the social media environment, these online videos will become distinguished by the quality of the physicians’ medical commentary – another rare commodity.  We used to have to book an appointment with a doctor to hear their opinion.  Remember, common items are commodity-priced; subject to the harsh Law of Supply & Demand.  Rare items are premium priced.
  • Inimitable – this is why I love the medical model; because one doctor is not an imitation of another.  Just think about your own personal physician.  Zoom up to a slightly higher level now; an orthopedic surgeon is no imitation of a cosmetic surgeon.
  • Non-substitutable – closely related to Rarity score above, an online media that is Non-Substitutable has no equal.  We discuss Kobe Bryant below.  Similarly, a physician with and interesting commentary who describes what is happening during a cosmetic surgery procedure is Non-substitutable.  Another physician could do the procedure but not in the exact same way and not with the same commentary.

We’ll try to provide some more context and examples on the VRIN score:


What is it about your business that your customers value?  Repeat that, show that on video, write about it in blogposts and capture in images.  

In my physical therapy business our customers said were were super-friendly and we had fun in the clinic – not easy when we dealt all day with people recovering from surgeries, strokes, and various sports injuries.  

A pizza parlor might have hand-tossed dough and a family recipe for red sauce.  

Ask your customers.  Remember, its not what YOU think, its what your CURRENT customers value.  Use their words in your social media posts.  Some ways to capture their thoughts and words are the following:

  • Exit interviews (here’s a blogpost about the Net Promoter Score for use as an exit interview).  The NPS is also a 1-10 score and would be a simple way to see how happy your customers are with your service.
  • a suggestion box 
  • written or video testimonials.  Skip down to the bottom of this blogpost to setup a free account for the video testimonial app for iPhone or Android you can use at your checkout counter or point-of-sale to capture testimonial videos.  Check out the Getting Started with the WOW Promoter app if you already have an account and you need to know how to get started.


“Seldom occurring or found; uncommon; marked by unusual quality, merit, or appeal : distinctive; superlative or extreme of its kind.”

A ’10’ in Rarity has never before been posted on the internet in the history of the world.  A ‘1’ is just the opposite.

A famous example might include one-of-a-kind celebrity photographs such as ‘the selfie that broke the internet’ taken in 2014 by Bradley Cooper, Ellen Degeneres, Brad Pitt and other stars at the Oscars.  Degeneres immediately uploaded the photo to Twitter.  This photo was said to be the most retweeted image ever on Twitter.

Social media posts that are rare can be copied.  Let’s go back to the example of Dr. Miami – any other surgeon could presumably upload videos surgeries to YouTube – in the near future, these sorts of media posts will no longer be rare.


“So good or unusual as to be impossible to copy; unique.”

Remember the pizza parlor we discussed under ‘Value’?  What if they’ve been in business since 1941?  Wow, that’s a long time!  Something they’re doing must be good.  Talk about that on social media – a lot.  

What about a dentist in business for 20 years with a customer list of 20,000 people?  That’s a lot of happy smiles!

Just as with Rarity, your ‘Inimitable’ score is ranked from ‘1’ to ’10’ The dentist with 20,000 happy smiles?  That’s an Inimitable score of ’10’.

New entrants to your market – a new dentist or a new pizza parlor just can’t same the same things about their business.  So, you need to say it.

One more example:  We’ll use Dr. Miami again.  Videos of surgeries online used to be rare.  Every day they are less rare.  Any other doctor could upload surgery videos but only a cosmetic surgeon could upload tummy tuck videos.  


“A resource or capability is costly to imitate when competitors must incur heavy costs to replicate them or they are altogether inimitable.
It is non-substitutable when no other resource or capability can be utilized as an equivalent.”

According to Tai Lopez, a basketball star such as Kobe Bryant was non-substitutable.  Even another marquee player was simply another marquee player – he wasn’t Kobe Bryant. 

Kobe Bryant has a ‘Non-substitutable’ score of ’10’.

For many small businesses serving local communities, your location is non-substitutable.  Especially if you have an attractive storefront.  Is your community a resort or wintertime location?  Many small businesses in the South can lay claim to this non-substitutable distinction, especially during the winter months. 

For example, there is a lovely Italian restaurant in my community not even one block from my home in Florida.  During the winter months in Florida, this restaurant has outdoor patio seating with shade.  Lunch or dinner there is just fabulous!  There is not, I guarantee, another Italian restaurant within 2-3 miles of my house from October to May – thus, this restaurant has a non-substitutable location attribute they should be featuring prominently in their social media.  

Finally, to finish our example of Dr. Miami’s VRIN score let’s summarize; surgery videos online are becoming more common; other surgeons are uploading videos and posting them on their social media; even other cosmetic surgeons are posting tummy tuck videos.  However, Dr, Miami has earned a large following (17,400 YouTube subscribers) and patients are finding him for surgery through his Snapchat and YouTube channels.

So, does Dr. Miami have high VRIN online content that has the potential to go viral?

Calculating Your VRIN Score

Add up your ‘V’, your ‘R’, your “I’ and your ‘N’.  these should all be numbers from 1 to 10.  Now, divide by the 4 categories.  40 divided by 4 is 10.  4 divided by 4 is 1. You should get a VRIN score between 1 and 10.

Interpreting Your VRIN Score

Most of your image and video social media posts should be between 7 and 10.  Competition is fierce.  You don’t want to look bad compared to your competition down the street.  Don’t post shoddy content.

What About Dr. Miami?

What is Dr. Miami’s VRIN score?

Value – The surgery costs at least $8,000 CASH and is not covered by insurance.  Value score 10/10.

Rarity – Dr. Miami first became well-known for posting graphic cosmetic surgery videos on Snapchat in 2016.  At the time, this had NEVER been done before so his Rarity score was 10/10.

Inimitable – A quick search of Dr. Miami’s YouTube channel shows that he has 17,400 Followers.  Presumabley, many of these people would like to see Dr. Miami for their cosmetic surgery.    Inimitable score 10/10.

Non-substitutable – there is only one Dr. Miami.  In the beginning, only 1/3 of Dr. Miami’s patients allowed him to Snapchat or video their surgeries.  Now, that ratio has flipped:  2/3 of Dr. Miami’s come to him specifically because they want him to Snapchat their surgery.  The patient ends up going home after the surgery and growing their Snapchat Followers BECAUSE they have had their surgery done by Dr. Miami.  Non-substitutable score 10/10.

Total VRIN score: 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 40/4 = 10

Virality of the VRIN Score

VRIN score 7 to 10:  High-value, hard-to-find content that viewers cannot find from other sources.  Best opportunity to go viral.

VRIN score 4 to 6:  Middle-of-the-road content that could be valuable with additional work.  Consider the tips below in How To Increase Your VRIN Score before posting live to your social media.

VRIN score 1 to 3:  Low value, repetitive or low quality content.  Viewers can easily find alternative or superior content online.  Consider replacing or redoing your content using the tips below in How To Increase Your VRIN Score.

How To Increase Your VRIN Score

Not sure what to post?  Scared that your stuff is no good?  Relax.  Here is where to look to discover the standard in social media and online content you need to produce.

  1. Look at your competition.  How long is their blogpost?  Have they covered EVERY aspect of your subject?  Can you improve it?  Can you redo their 500 word blogpost, add interesting topics that relate to the subject and make your own, 1,500 word blogpost?
  2. Watch the competition’s YouTube video.  Can you redo their video and make it better?  Can you actually make their video SHORTER while staying true to the message?  (Rule of Thumb:  Google SEO experts believe that longer blogposts rank higher in search engine results while shorter videos hold viewers’ attention better so they watch the whole thing).
  3. Be the star of your own show.  Never been on video?  Not sure how to speak on video?  Take a look at the Online Influencers’ Checklist – this Checklist will help you identify your authentic personality traits that show up well in online video and help people engage with you on social media.
  4. Ask your customers for a testimonial video.  Assuming you have a good product or service then you are already producing one-of-a-kind, engaging, valuable, inimitable, rare and non-substitutable content – your CURRENT customer experience.  See our free offer below for our video testimonial app for physician practices and other small businesses.

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