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The Origins of the WOW Promoter Video Testimonial

December 1, 2020 | Video Testimonials on Websites
Tim Richardson, Developer of the WOW Promoter and a practicing physical therapist
Tim Richardson, Developer of the WOW Promoter and a practicing physical therapist

My Story

When I was 10 years old, I saw my whole life in front of me – in my ten-year olds’ eye I saw a fully-grown, successful businessman.  I was that guy in the suit, the one everyone looked up to with respect.  He had all the answers, all the skills and all the money.  He got the job done.

When I graduated college with a professional degree, I saw my chance and I opened my own business.  And, just like that, at 25 years old, I was an overnight success!

At least, in my own mind, I was successful.  That feeling lasted a few years – years where working 50 or 60 hours a week seemed normal.  I would work all day in my business, working with customers and then at night I would do the administrative stuff that I hadn’t figured out how to delegate.  The sacrifice seemed worth it, for a while.  But, after several years, I noticed a pattern.

One of my biggest challenges was marketing my business.  We had good word of mouth and we’d make a few attempts at event marketing and presentations but we had no consistent strategy.  We had no creative team and no real budget.  We’d be busy for a few months and I’d have to hire operations people to do all the new work that was coming in and then business would slow down.  I’d hold onto my people as long as I could, even as the business slowed, but then my cash would run low and I’d have to let them go.  This pattern repeated itself several times – if only I had a way to smooth out the peaks and valleys of the business cycle, I thought.  Why was this so difficult?

And then one day, I was working with one of my customers and I guess I was over-sharing with him my marketing and business challenges when he said,

“If you guys need marketing, then why don’t you get testimonials from some of your customers?”

I must have looked at him with a blank expression on my face, because he continued…

“I’ve been to a lot of businesses like yours and you guys are the best – I love it here and I know a lot of your other customers feel the same way.”

I must’ve sat stunned for a moment, just processing his statement.

I still remember that conversation today and he must’ve said that to me 15 years ago.  It was 2005.  We started collecting customer testimonials, on paper at the time – you can see some examples here.

The New Rules for Social Media Marketing for Small Business

That is how I discovered the New Rules for Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses.  We began experimenting with YouTube in 2007.  Now, in 2020, our observations and tests have yielded some helpful observations I hope you can gain from.

Video testimonials came from my observation as a small business owner – a physical therapist in private practice – that many clients WANT to express thanks to a small business where they experience surprise and delight with your service or product.

Written Testimonials:  Analog-to-Digital Conversion

For years, I collected written testimonials and even video testimonials – I would post these to my website. The written testimonials I would put on the walls of my small business and in the waiting room.

In my 25 years in small business – helping people, making a living.  I saw many people who had something positive to say about my business…”Thank you – you helped me.”

  • “Wow! You Really Exceeded My Expectations!”
  • “I Really Feel So Much Better!”
  • “You Solved My Problems Where No One Else Could!”

Small businesses owners hear this everyday – that’s why most of us go into business.  These moments are opportunities to share your story with the world.

Your clients might LOVE the chance – if the technology were there – to say a few quick words on video – for your website, for your Lobby TV video, for your social media sites.

They might post videos to their own social media site.

Those post would be seen by family, friends and neighbors of your happy client who might then come to see YOU to fix their problem.

I Was the Worlds’ First Physical Therapist in YouTube

I saw this opportunity clearly many years ago – as a matter-of-fact, I was THE FIRST in my profession to put my public-facing videos on YouTube in 2007.  They are still there.

But, I am not a ‘tech guy’ – I don’t write code, I don’t build apps and I didn’t invent the Internet 🙂

I had to wait until 2018, when the tech is accessible enough, the code is cheap enough and the demand is big enough to build a tool to help small business owners capture those moments.

Also, social media networks are now available that allow you to post videos to inexpensively advertise your business to the world – even if your ‘world’ is simply your local community.

The result is the WOW Promoter Kiosk – a tool that sits in your small business, collects video from your clients (with a little prompt form your Team) and send it to the Web to share your good work with the world.

I hope you like it – I wish I had a tool like this when I was running my small business in 2007.  I believe the WoW Promoter would have helped me.  I hope it helps you.

You can order by calling me at (1.941.623.6109) or sending an email to

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