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Video Testimonials and Social Distancing

December 1, 2020 | Video Testimonials on Websites

What do small business owners do when social distancing impacts your customer traffic?

Table of Contents

  1. Let Your Employees Post Positive Video Testimonials on Social Media
  2. Post Your Own Video Testimonial
  3. When Should I Post Employee Video Testimonials Online?
  4. Use Video Testimonials as Advertisement During ‘Social Distancing’
  5. Signed Media/Video Release to Advertise on Social Media
  6. The Only Point-of-Sale Video Testimonial App on the Market
  7. Works on Every Device
  8. Free Offer and Privacy Policy

Customers are on lockdown.  Nobody’s going shopping.  You’re in your store but traffic is down – what can you do right now to increase business tomorrow?

Video testimonials and Google Reviews.

Don’t let today’s troubles turn into tomorrow’s cash flow interruptions.

Your customers are stuck at home – watching the news about COVID-19,  surfing the ‘net and reading Google Reviews about stuff they want to buy  when markets open back up.

Give your customers what they are looking for – news about YOU!

Did you know?

 “Candidates trust the company’s employees 3x more than the company to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there.” Career Arc

Let Your Employees Post Positive Video Testimonials on Social Media

The current situation could be an opportunity to turn the video  camera internally and ask employees to describe positive aspects of your  business.

Here are some of the ‘best practice’ recommendations using the WOW Promoter video testimonial app:

  •    Why does your team LOVE working for you?
  •    What special relationships have they made with customers or fellow team/members/employees?
  •    Special considerations you’ve implemented to deal with COVID-19
  •    Techniques uses to clean your store. 
  •    Disinfectants used
  •    Air purifiers
  •   Distance between customers
  •   Personal protective equipment, etc.

Post Your Own Video Testimonial

Let people hear from you – the owner or manager – why is your business important to you:

  •    What do you LOVE most about working in your business?
  •    Who is your favorite customer?  (If you call out by name, make sure they’ve signed the Media/Video Authorization Form electronically signed and embedded within the app)
  •    What drew you to this type of work, initially?
  •    How to you find GREAT people to work for you?
  •    Why are you excited about the future of your business (current situation, notwithstanding)

Create this stock of video testimonials and post then to Facebook, YouTube and your Google My Business (GMB) page.

Let people ‘see behind the curtain’ of your standard business operations – let them meet the real people – you and your team.

When Should I Post Employee Video Testimonials Online?

This technique works for ANY time – you don’t need a global pandemic to share the ‘human’ side of your business with your customers.

  • Birthday parties
  • Holidays such as Halloween (especially if you dress up!)
  • New Hires/new teammates

Use Video Testimonials as Advertisement During ‘Social Distancing’

Small business owners need close contact to conduct business – how can we attract new customers if we can’t get together?

One way I will suggest is by capturing video testimonials and posting them on social media of existing customers CURRENTLY interacting in your place of business.  Here are some safe social distancing suggestions you should show on video:

  •  Show on video that each customer is separated by the required six feet of separation.
  •  Show that there are fewer than 10 (or 25, or whatever your state  governor has deemed safe) people interacting at one time within your place of business.
  •  Ask your customer, on video, to describe how CLEAN your place SMELLS (vivid description that is hard to represent on the internet – let  video show prospective customers in the words of your EXISTING  customers).
  •  Ask your customer, on video, to describe the ‘clean field’ (medical  term) techniques (or, whatever techniques you use) to disinfect and clean your customer-facing equipment, furniture and appliances.
  •  Show one of your employee/team members cleaning your facility/equipment.
  •  Ask your employee/team members, on video, about your  cleaning/disinfectant protocols (eg: number of times per day equipment is wiped down, type of disinfectant used, etc).
  •  Ask a manger how they deal with an employee with symptoms or even a customer with symptoms – do they send them home?  Arrange for telephone or remote services?  Drive-by?
  •  Fully describe ALL the measure you are taking to ensure your customers’ (and your teams’) complete safety and security.
  •  Ask your customer, on video, WHY they came to YOUR facility instead of a competitors place.

Signed Media/Video Release to Advertise on Social Media

Remember, you’ll need the Media/Video Release signed by any person  who appears in videos/photos – the WOW Promoter app does this for you!   Some other things the WOW Promoter app does for you…

  •  App is user friendly which requires ZERO staff time to record the  video – the customer interacts with a kiosk which can be wiped down after each testimonial.
  •  The app does one-click posting to YouTube, Facebook and Google Reviews – no time-consuming video editing or uploading.  Let the app do  the work!
  •  The app stores all customer and employee videos in one place and all  videos can be downloaded later if you DO want to spend more time later on, for instance, a compilation or highlight video of your best testimonials.
  •  No bandwidth or video limits – unlimited video testimonials for one monthly fee (MUCH lower than the competition).

The Only Point-of-Sale Video Testimonial App on the Market

The WOW Promoter is the only point-of-sale video testimonial app on  the market – all other apps rely on after-the-fact email to your  customer – what if they forget to leave their review?  What if they lose  interest?  

Why not capture that emotion right at the point-of-sale? 

Works on Every Device

Everything here is push-button simple in the WOW App – run it off any camera-enabled device such as an iPhone or Android phone, or tablet.

Free Offer and Privacy Policy

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Also, the WOW app is HIPAA-compliant so ALL your information is safe in the cloud on AWS S3 servers, ALL the time.

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