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What Does Client Happiness Look Like?

December 1, 2020 | Google Reviews

What is ‘The Happiness Scale’ 

The Happiness Scale is an exercise suggested by Y Combinator’s Sam Altman (and described in The Happiness Scale is a 1-to-10 scale 

Level Ten representing the highest quality that delivers the most customers happiness.  

Level One is the lowest level of customer happiness.

Customer happiness is also known as ‘customer satisfaction’ and can be measured with other scales such as the Net Promoter Scale (NPS).

How to score the Y Combinator Happiness Scale

Here is an example of a mobile phone app used in professional offices, such as:

    Doctors & surgeons

    Physical therapists & chiropractors

    Veterinarians & dog groomers

    Lawyers & accountants  

Key Takeaway:  Use the Happiness Scale to evaluate your small business office, clinic or professional service. 

How could you be better?  Look at your business through the eyes of your customers; what do they see when they walk into your space for the 1st time?

How to evaluate a business using the Happiness Scale

The app sits in a tablet kiosk and collects video testimonials from happy customers who have just completed their transaction.  

The app then transcribes the video-to-text and emails the happy customer for posting on Google Reviews.

We are now going to ruthlessly evaluate our own app using the Y Combinator Happiness Scale:

Levels 1 through 3 of the Happiness Scale

The WOW Promoter worked but it is highly dependent on a strong WiFi or cellular signal.  Sometimes the app is glitchy and the buttons work but not quickly.  

If WiFi is down the video will not upload.  The kiosk stand was cheap and wobbled too much.  The collateral printed material did not reflect the image of the professional office, for example, the logos were different.

Level 4 and 5 of the Happiness Scale

The WOW Promoter worked fine.  The video was fine.  The Office Manager was able to post the video automatically via the app to social media. In short, everything was just ‘OK’ – but not remarkable.

Level 6 of the Happiness Scale

The WOW Promoter works perfectly.  The app opening screen draws customers with its simple design aesthetic.  People admire the excellent video quality.  The stand was stable and the collateral printed material was beautiful.  Testimonial videos showed happy customers. Many customers agreed to give a testimonial when asked.

Level 7 of the Happiness Scale

New customers asked to see the WOW Promoter videos their friends were talking about on social media.  They wanted to see where the videos were made and how they were expertly edited so quickly (with the premium upgrade Video Editor).  They wanted to meet the professional and/or buy the products.  Many customers volunteered to give testimonials.

Level 8 of the Happiness Scale

The WOW Promoter exceeds peoples’ expectations tremendously.  The professionals in the office also began to innovate with the WOW Promoter in the following ways:

  • sharing personal stories
  • sharing helpful tips to other professionals with similar challenges
  • asking to record their favorite treatment/service
  • and other, inspired video uploads.

Local network news stations scraped the videos to highlight the local small businesses and the Chamber of Commerce used the videos to feature their community as a great place to live and work.  Local newspaper reporters called to write a feature story about the practice.

Level 9 of the Happiness Scale

National Trade Associations and magazines saw the videos and gave an award to the small business owner for their excellent service.  National TV news networks used the video when discussing big, national issues related to the small business’s industry.

Level 10 of the Happiness Scale

The testimonial videos begin to go viral on YouTube.  Some were funny.

Compilations of the videos were created by third parties inspired by their stories.

The phone starts ringing from people and happy customers from all over the country and all over the world.  

Requests come in from other small business owners asking for training, advice and support in how to use testimonial videos to grow their small business.  

Check out our blogpost with dozens of examples of video testimonials.

Evaluate YOUR business with the Customer Happiness Scale

Go try this exercise yourself on your own business. 

Whether you’re a local small business owner, doctor, lawyer or Indian chief – this exercise will put ideas into your head about how you can improve your business.

You’ll end up creating more happy customers, add revenue and grow your business.