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What Type of Content Should I Post to Social Media? Free Resources for Small Business Owners

December 1, 2020 | Web Marketing

Social media content creation is time-consuming and, since time is money, expensive. Save time AND money with these free content creation tools from the WOW Promoter team.

Table of Contents

  1. Step-by-step Masterclass to Become an Online Influencer
  2. Video Reviews Mobile App
  3. Video Personality checklist
  4. Company Culture Checklist
  5. Social Media ROI calculator

Step-by-step Masterclass to Become an Online Influencer

Online Influencers can move markets with as few as 1,000 followers.

There are specific steps to become a micro-influencer that you will learn in this class:

  1. Have something to say
  2. Say it frequently and consistently
  3. Be funny, original or entertaining

Most people get blocked at “Have something to say” – we will show you the 1-2-3 Story Structure that allows you to turn any customer conversation into a watchable video. “Say it frequently and consistently” is another challenge, especially for busy small business owners.

Our free mobile app helps you collect customer review videos without all the busywork of tagging, posting, uploading and hosting.

Finally, ‘Be funny, original or entertaining” is hard in real life – how am I supposed to do that on video?

Relax, we’ve got our Personality Checklist designed to identify your MOST APPEALING personal characteristics for online video.

Online Influencer Free Masterclass banner
Click to get the Online Influencer Free Masterclass

The Video Review Mobile app

The app manages all the incidental tasks:

  • tagging
  • posting
  • hosting
  • transcribing voice-to-text
  • emailing the customer

All these tasks that simply takes your time. The app automatically posts to these sites:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Google My Business

…and all your videos are safely stored in your app Dashboard.

For medical professionals and hospitals, the app is fully HIPAA compliant and all video hosting is on the Amazon S3 servers.

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Click to get the free app – WOW Mobile App Download link to Google Play and Apple iStore

Did you know…?

The #1 reason videos get shared and go viral is because they are stories of personal triumph.

Video Personality Checklist

  • Ellen DeGeneres is sassy and she likes to dance.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary V) is authentic and he likes to curse.
  • Steve Harvey tells inspirational, personal stories about his life.

Each one of these popular entertainers has an online ‘character’ that may, or may not, be the same person they are in real life.

I doubt Gary V curses in front of his wife and 2 kids the way he curses on his podcast or YouTube videos.

Nevertheless, you will be better on camera if you have an idea of WHO you want to BE before you decide WHAT you want to say.

Did you know?  Your brain processes online images exactly the same as in real life!

Think of it like going to visit your in-laws:  you probably wear your nice shoes, you comb your hair and maybe you even take a bath 🙂

Your online personality is little bit like that; you GET to select the BEST aspects of your personality to show to the world.

And, unlike going to your in-laws, you DON’T have to be all prim and proper – you can be wacky or funny or silly if that’s what your audience likes.

Develop YOUR Online Character

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

“How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice

Ellen DeGeneres, Gary V and Steve Harvey have spent years practicing their highly successful online characters.

And, they have discovered the specific attributes that work for them as a result of all that practice.

You can shortcut some of this discovery process that Ellen, Gary and Steve used to become famous with our Personality Checklist.

The Personality Checklist

Create your online image
Create your online image – link to the Personality Checklist for Small Biz Owners – click the image

The Personality Checklist is the tool we use to discover unique and interesting aspects of your personality you SHOULD display online.

The Checklist is best completed with a friend or co-worker who knows you fairly well.

The exercise will take about 10 minutes to fill out the Checklist.

You should spend another 30 minutes discussing your findings and then you’ll be ready to get started. Like Ellen, Gary and Steve, you’ll continue to learn and develop your online character as you spend time in front of the camera.

Improve your online personality with this 1 tool in 2021

The Company Culture Checklist

Your business has a personality, too.

We often call it the company culture. Your company culture is the personality of each, individual employee or team member.

It’s important to work on your company culture intentionally; if you aren’t intentional and you write it down your company culture will shift each time you hire a new employee.

A good way to create culture is to write down these 3 things:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you believe
  3. Who you serve

Use this Company Culture Checklist to analyze and understand (with your team) how you want your company culture portrayed in online video.

Company Culture Checklist image
Company Culture Checklist – click the image

Simply work your way through the Company Culture Checklist with your team (est. time = ~30 minutes) until all assumptions are clarified and everyone is on the same page.

  • Are you a serious company?  Perhaps medicine, law or finance?  Let’s make sure every team member creating videos understands this.
  • Are you a ‘fun’ company?  Restaurants, event producers or theme park?  Make sure everyone is on the same page.

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Social Media Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

No smart small business owner EVER makes a purchasing decision without figuring out what your payback will be.

Use this Social Video ROI Calculator to understand your payback from video testimonials.

Learn how social media helps small business owners make more money


Get the free app – save time and $$

If you are an influencer who deals face-to-face with people, like a dentist or a real estate agent, you can become an online influencer using short, testimonial videos on popular social platforms.

We can show you how.

Do you like all the hosting and posting?

All the hashtags, hypertext links and tech-y stuff?

If not, just let the WOW Promoter app do it for you – for free!

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