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Why do you want to be an Online Influencer?

December 1, 2020 | Small Business Marketing

Becoming an Online Influencer is hard work.  It’s probably going to take you some time to achieve Online Influencer status.

At one point, you may stop and ask yourself, “Why do I want to be an Online Influencer?”

Money is most peoples’ 1st assumption – the Online Influencer market is currently at $14 billion annually in the USA and is doubling every 3 years.

There is lots of opportunity for smart, hardworking and ambitious people to succeed as an online influencer.

Big businesses, too, see lots of opportunity in the Influencer market.

Businesses invest so they can turn the Influencers’ followers into their customers.

Why Ask Why?

“The unexamined life is not worth living”

… said Socrates, who later killed himself over a dispute with local politicians. Seems a little extreme – I hope you don’t do that.

But, Socrates point seemed to be clear – don’t be an influencer simply for the money.

Influencers must be authentic on video, they have to be persuasive and they have to make good decisions.

You can’t simply shill every product because a big business pays well. You’ll alienate your followers, lose your reputation and quickly lose your followers.

Also, being an influencer is work – hours creating posts, scripting videos, selecting destinations, travelling and responding to fans.

If you don’t love the work you may find yourself hating the job.

“If you understand your ‘Why’ you can bear any ‘What’ …”

… said Simon Sinek, as he attempts to help brands connect with customers and employees.

Sinek also asks “Are Online Influencers a Problem?” 

Sinek answers this question in the next video: Are Influencers simply taking? Status, money and power – without giving back to their followers and society?  

If Online Influencers are simply taking – and not giving back – then Sinek predicts that their influence will be short-lived.

Can Bricks-n-Mortar Small Businesses be Online Influencers?

Why couldn’t local small businesses also be online influencer?

  • Dentists, doctors or real estate agents?
  • How about restaurants, landscapers or golf pros?

Of course they can – anybody who sells or exchanges goods or services with the public is a potential online influencer.

The more you share your knowledge the more your influence will grow.

And, in turn, the greater will be the word-of-mouth and online social sharing for your local, small business.

Why Would a Customer Recommend Your Business?

Dr. Robert Cialdini explains why your customer WANTS to leave you a Google Review.

Dr. Robert Cialdini discusses The Reciprocity Rule

Humans have 3 basic motivations:

  • Achievement – we want to do or make something other people recognize as great.
  • Affiliation – we want to connect with other people.
  • Power – we want to control or influence other people.

Are you doing it for the money?

Do you want to be famous?

Or, do you have something important to say or share?

One of these motivations is usually primary, according to McClellan’s Human Motivation Model.

Which one is your ‘Why’?

How to Gather Online Influence in 2022

There are at least 3 things you need to succeed with online video in 2022:

  • Your Story

What’s my story for online video?

  • Your Personality

Use this 1 simple tool to develop your online personality

  • Up-to-date Technology

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