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Why is Dr. Miami the Best Doctor in America in 2022?

December 1, 2020 | Web Marketing

Tips you can use to become an Online Influencer

Perhaps the better question is this – how can YOU also get internet famous?

Many of us are familiar with Dr. Miami’s amazing success with his Snapchat surgical videos that exploded his medical practice onto online fame in 2016.

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The question is why is Dr. Miami STILL the best doctor in America on social media in 2022?

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Every physician, every plastic surgeon, every cosmetic surgeon in America that has ambition is posting on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

In the face of all that competition, how does Dr. Miami stay at #1?

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How does Dr. Miami charge $15,000 – he calls them his Miami Squad – to plastic and cosmetic surgeons all over the United States?

map of usa showing the Miami Squad cities where plastic surgeons are located
This is the map of the USA showing the Miami Squad cities where plastic surgeons are located

He provides them a one-day seminar on social media strategies. Physicians fly to Miami and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Dr. Miami as he teaches them how he has achieved his internet success.

For an additional $2,500 a month, he will post their surgical videos, their name, their links on his Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube feeds every day. So, why is he still #1?

That’s what were going to explore here in this video coming up, right now.

Check out our Dr. Miami Compilation Video (above) because there’s a common theme between what Dr. Miami does with dancing, beautiful people and funny moves which anybody can do:

  • no matter what your profession
  • no matter what your background
  • no matter what your persuasion
  • no matter what your religion or culture

This is the definition of social media.

It is about being social, it’s about reaching out and connecting with another person – any person, whether it’s your patient, your customer, your employee – and putting it online in a video or a photo format.

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What are the The Zones of Proximity?

We all trust other people in our lives.

The Zones of Proximity is physical space that describes how close we let people get to us, physically.

The outer most zone contains people like friends and neighbors. We may know them on a first name basis.

Zones of Proximity from Edward T. Hall's The Hidden Dimension
Zones of Proximity from Edward T. Hall’s The Hidden Dimension

The next zone are the people that are a little bit more intimate to us, maybe members of the extended family.

The most intimate zone is reserved for lovers, babies and parents. This zone is literally is within 18 inches.

The Zones of Proximity have been studied worldwide. All societies, nations, countries, cultures and people – they all have these these zones of proximity – they are hardwired into our psyche.

Why are Zones of Proximity important for your social media?

Non-verbal communication occurs because there are these structures in my brain, in your brain – even the brains of some animals – that are called mirror neurons.

What are Mirror Neurons?

Mirror Neurons are present in all humans and some animals, like dogs. They fire when we observe emotions.

A mirror neuron is a cell in the brain that fires electrically in my brain when I ‘see’ an emotional connection between two other people whether it’s live, on video or in an image.

Mirror neurons ‘fire’ when I view two people being happy, when I see a smile, when I hear a laugh, when I notice somebody else crying or I feel sad.

Why is this important for your social media is because when I see you with your customer on video or image and you’re hugging them or you’re smiling with them or you’re just shaking hands then that communicates trust.

Why is Dr. Miami still #1 in 2022?

Take a look at some of these videos that he shot with his customers, with his patients.

  • It’s not just these surgical videos
  • It’s not his technical skill that sets him apart
  • It’s not even the fact that he was the first on Snapchat.

Snapchat is what got him to #1 but what is keeping him at #1 there is because he’s having a good time, his patients love him face-to-face.

That likeability, that trust and those ‘good vibes’ are communicated to people watching on social media by way of these mirror neurons.

The ‘take-home message’ is this – if you’re a doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor or another another plastic surgeon and you need to increase your social media game in 2022 then get in the video or image frame with your patients.

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