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WOW Promoter App Terms of Use

December 1, 2020 | Online Review Regulation
Desktop Kiosk for the WOW Promoter App
Desktop Kiosk for the WOW Promoter App

WOW Mobile App Terms of Use

Updated:  20 August 2021

Vision for the Company

We serve small business owners, helping create better online and social media connections with their real-word customers.

Our Pledge to You

The team at WOW Promoter Inc is comprised of small businesspeople – we have ALL felt the joy of ownership, the struggle for balance and the weight of responsibility in owning your own small business.

We will work to create tools – including this app – that give you and your business greater control over your small businesses’ web and social media presence.

We Ask For Your Partnership

Like a good marriage, good business partnerships rely on trust and communication.

We would like to be more than just another vendor to you and you are more than just another customer to us.


The WOW Promoter app is designed to allow you to connect with and distribute video testimonials and text reviews from customers in your local business onto the internet and social media including, but not exclusively, Facebook, YouTube, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others.


The WOW Promoter recommends promoting positive word-of-mouth videos and voice-to-text transcriptions onto social media but does not discourage or limit negative feedback from customers to local small businesspeople.  

Additionally, we want to present our customers with the most compliant, safe and privacy-focused video testimonial app on the planet.


Your local small business social media experience may also be bound by the Terms of Use of the social media platforms described above in the Overview.

It is your responsibility to read and understand those Terms of Use.


Video Hosting

We will manually or programmatically wipe or delete old videos, images and photos after 90 days from the upload time.

You should post or download your videos within that time frame if you want to keep them.

Referral Services

We may recommend or offer additional services (eg: site design or building, SEO, ad merchants, etc.) consistent with your requests or needs.

We may receive a referral fee from these service merchants.


Please consider the impact – both positive and negative – of everything you post online.


Children and Teens

This app is designed to be used by adults in a workplace environment. This app it was not designed with children in mind.

While we cannot predict how others might use our app, we cannot conceive of any risks to children or others from the use (or misuse) of our app.


Updates to this Terms of Use will be posted from time-to-time to the WOW blog at this page.


The WOW Promoter Privacy Policy is posted at

About Us

To learn more about the team at WOW Promoter Inc, please read take a look at our blog.

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